Friday, March 28, 2008

Really Good Internet Jokes

The last blog update was actually very funny! This is true, because it is a fact. Always trust what you read on the internet, because the internet has spell check, and you can't lie to spell check.

This internet blog is dedicated to the research of funny jokes involving laughs and jokes. The funny jokes are hilarious in that they are told in the place where people laugh at them. This creates an information of humor into which a joke is told. The joke then enters into the "funny jokes laughing" state and is actualized when the funny joke is told.

Funny jokes are funny, because people tell them. What makes a joke so funny is when someone says the words of the joke from their mouth into your ear (which you hear the joke with).

Good jokes are preferable to bad jokes or moderately funny jokes, because a good joke is the kind of joke you can really bring home to mom and dad.


Cobs said...

Wow, i did an ask jeeves google search for funnies and the first 8 results were this blog. You should do standup with all the material you have on this world wide web im going to put this in myfunnies folder on my microsoft firefox so i can read latest jokes as soon as they come out.

keatonkeaton999 said...