Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New VIRAL video

Hey jumpers. It's time for an update. What video will be going VIRAL on the internet? Get your clickers (mouses) ready, and push play on this VIRAL video on the internet. Notes from the author (loverscloud): "UH, yeah commenttt"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008

New writer reporting for service! hehe

Hello to our thousands of readers across america

this is my first blog entry on the funny internet blog. here is a funny cartoon i drew so you can get to know me better;:

my favourite part personally (because everyone is allowed their own opinions so shut up if you don't like it) is the bit with the Nintendo Xbox because it brought back good memorys of when I played sony while mommy was fighting with daddy. i used to pretend I was sonic and curl up in a ball and imagine jumping on daddys head like mario :) but I didnt because then he'd beat me

but thats enough about video games

ok bye

Hottest Girl Ever Content Part 1

If there's one thing a Real Man™ likes it's a hot smoking woman. Well, I took the initiative! Are you ready? Take the lunge, and check out these Hot Smoking Women™. This is Part 1 (one) of a very large (big) series of Hot Smoking Women™. Let's take a look at today's contenders. Pick your favorite in the comments. When you're ready ; )

Good Mario Review

Super Person Bros.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

GamerNews™ Update

Top 10 Games This Week

Well kids, the news is in from the E5 Music Video Game Awards show. Here is the top 10 games this week.

1. Sonic the MarioHog
2. Brawling Bros.
3. Ledgend of Zelda: Hiyerule 64
4. Mario Jumperz
5. Tunnel FAGGOT
6. Super Big Dog
7. Home Improvementz
8. Earth Bundt
9. Calls of Booty: Modern Whorefare
10. Luigi Galaxy for Sega

The Mario Jumper Index for today rests at 50%. Several members of the Jumperz Forum reported unusual difficulties in getting past Chocolate Land in Super Marley World. We sent them several Super Scopez in hopes of alleviating the situation. An allergic reaction to garlic has been determined to be the cause of Sonic the MarioHog's Sadderz Syndrome, which causes him to cry uncontrollably while jumping or running. Reporter Gnome Fengle tells us next week we will finally be getting those exclusive shots of the brand new Super Mario movie fresh off the printers in the mountains of Chile, where filming is progressing despite the deaths of several stunt-men performing feats for Ganondorf, played by actor Morgan Freemane.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Link's Dad

Ever played Ledgend of Zelda? Link's dad is my favorite unlockable character. I hope he is confirmed for Mario Tennis Brawl for Wii Tennis (sports).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zelda, looking hot

I didn't know Zelda from Ledgend of Marios could get this hot. Apparently I was wrong. Just check out this video (on the internet) to see.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Funny Internet Episode 6

Funny Internet Episode 6 - "Comics that RLY hit home"

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Funny Internet Episode 5

Funny Internet Episode 5 - "Mario Teaches Jumping"

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Requiem for a Mario

A Super Mario Story

Super Mario did jump on the Goompas and Koopas. The
blocks above shone like bright blocks, shining, full of
sound and fury signifying nothing like the life of an
idiot. I made that up for my Mario story. Mario then
jumped over the pit but he fell accidentally down it.
Mario lost his last life trying to dodge bullet koopa and
lakituku. Lakituku sat up in his high, bourgeois cloud
and slavered over the expanse of the Mushroom Kingdom,
his spiked shells coveting their pious existence.
Lakitookoo kept doing sit ups until one day he was in
great shape. Charlie Mario, Mario's cousin, shot
Lakatewcoup in the ass with a bullet gun and he fell died
ouch. Luigi then did a final jump attack onto a Bowser
Koopa's head. The fight was over; the battle won.
Bullet koopa Luigi did shot a winning maneuver which
enabled the victorious decision wherein Luigi was the
champion. The sun set that day on the Mushroom Kingdom
as it had every other day with practiced bravado. My
beretta stirred nervously under my coat.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Melted Gear: Sold

For years, gamers have been drawn into the swicka-cool cutscenes and hi-tech motions of the Metal Slug Solid genre of gameplays. Jack Snake's crisp, soothing voice, played by Brandon Clarkbar, has lulled players all over the world into a false sense of security before the "solid snake" slips up their "ass" of gaming expectations, raping their funfactor for all it's worth. This time, though, the stakes are higher than ever, as Jack Snake, the top level CIA operative, has suspicions that his boss, OctoKong, is secretly a Metal Gear.

That's right, Jack Snake's hot sexy cyber-android girlfriend has slipped into a coma and to revive her, only he can find the "Metal Gear", the one missing part that will bring her robotic but highly realistic love back to his willing + ready man parts.

This all-new stealth espionage daterape simulator has re-defined the genre of hentai games with its highly reactive, almost explosive cutscene technology. Enjoy up to 500 hours of unplayable movie cutscenes. At certain points in the game, the player will be allowed to press only one button per hour, with 90 minute cutscenes between each press in a 125-button sequence to unlock the final door in the game.

Returning fan favorites such as Vamp and the Metal Gear Mark 3 make their debut for the first time, as well as some old favorites like Raiden and Big Boss who shows up in the ending sequence haha idiot I ruined the game for you, also Raiden actually had a kid with Rosemary, and she's not really married to the colonel, and Snake has a new breed of foxdie in him that is making him into a biological superweapon that will kill everyone in the world. Also, snape kills dumbledore.

So in conclusion, buy this game, because it's really really fun. I played it and you can totally shoot guys, just like in Halo. It's fucking awesome, bro. I mean seriously, it's just like Halo, it's fuckin' BAH BAH BAH (that's the gunshot noise brah) and this dude just fell over like DAAAAAAAAAAMN! That fool got knocked the fuck OUT! For the ultimate in tactical stealth espionage anal invasion, check out Melted Gear: Slod 5, on Xbox 360 and Nintendo SNES today.