Thursday, July 3, 2008

Requiem for a Mario

A Super Mario Story

Super Mario did jump on the Goompas and Koopas. The
blocks above shone like bright blocks, shining, full of
sound and fury signifying nothing like the life of an
idiot. I made that up for my Mario story. Mario then
jumped over the pit but he fell accidentally down it.
Mario lost his last life trying to dodge bullet koopa and
lakituku. Lakituku sat up in his high, bourgeois cloud
and slavered over the expanse of the Mushroom Kingdom,
his spiked shells coveting their pious existence.
Lakitookoo kept doing sit ups until one day he was in
great shape. Charlie Mario, Mario's cousin, shot
Lakatewcoup in the ass with a bullet gun and he fell died
ouch. Luigi then did a final jump attack onto a Bowser
Koopa's head. The fight was over; the battle won.
Bullet koopa Luigi did shot a winning maneuver which
enabled the victorious decision wherein Luigi was the
champion. The sun set that day on the Mushroom Kingdom
as it had every other day with practiced bravado. My
beretta stirred nervously under my coat.


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Murdar Machene said...

this is a funny game

joejew said...

i made up the title :)