Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who Here Likes Mario?

When Mario Jumps

Mario jumps on all the bad guys. The main focus of the Mario series has always been the number one reason the fans keep coming back for more: Mario knows how to get the job done. When a "Gamer" hears these words, he knows he's in for a hard core, old school Atari game.

Atari games are the best, that's why I wear an Atari shirt. I like to show the world just how hard core old school I am. I love Atari games and I can name at least three that I've played in my life, without looking to google to seem informed.

Back to Mario: Supposedly Halo 4 has SIX types of grenades. This is Grenade Heaven (or as I like to call it, Grenade Overload!) for those fans of the series who love those "nades". There's Normal grenades, Spicy grenades, Sticky grenades, Funny grenades, Halo grenades, and Joke grenades.

The Funny grenades and Joke grenades are going to be a new fan-favorite, guaranteed! Nothing says "pw0n3d, Nubbie!" like the feeling of freshly PWNING that nub with those new "taunt" grenades!

This new game is shaping up to be a huge hit for the Wii.



Murdar Machene said...

I like how this blog puts shit around the images :)

keatonkeaton999 said...

P.S. Please remember to fill out your GamerTimer GamerScore GameCard GamerCards properly, or you're kicked from the group.

P.P.S. You're all kicked from the group.