Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joke tip of the day

Hello guys, today I'm giving you a verbal joke tip to help you tell jokes to your friends so they laugh out loud.

Here's an example:

Joke teller: Knock, Knock
Joke listener: Who's there?
Joke teller: Star Wars
Joke listener: LOL

DOUBLE JOKE TIP BONUS ROUND: Quote popular and funny movie lines to your friends so they will remember the movie and how funny it was, therefore making you a funny person in the process. WIN WIN SITUATION.


PM said...

ANOTHER FUNNY JOKE TIP: comment on blog posts that are about a month old.


Anonymous said...

lol...hilarious knock knock joke

vk said...

funny knock knock jokes are different type of jokes which nobody can accept what dialogue is going to put on them

vk said...

'Knock Knock!
Who is it?
Norma lee
Norma lee that?
Norma lee
I will not
around knocking on doors,
But I just wanted to say
Hai. funny knock knock jokes