Wednesday, May 28, 2008

10 years since Phil Hartman's death

We mourn a great person who died 10 years ago who did a lot of great things on TV and on the television. Maybe someday when we die we can meet him. Phil Hartman did the voice of a good character on the simpsons and was a funny guy ( And he is being missed now. He was murdered by his wife 10 years ago because she was mad at him, I guess he shouldn't of made her made and maybe now he wouldn't be dead and we could still laugh at all his funny jokes ( Today we give a 4 hour silent salute to this daring individual. Philadelphia's society of Film will be lighting 3650 candles to represent every day that he has been dead. New York's society of Film will be lighting 3651 candles to out-due Philadelphia's society of Film.

Let's take this time to look back on all the great work of Phil Harting with a few clips (courtesy of

This is Phil's very famous role in the Simpsons.

This is Phil's very famous role in the movie Vacation by Chevy Chaser.

Phil Hartman will be missing by young and old. Especially for his role as the neighbor in Small Soldiers. We love you Phil. Sorry you died.


Murdar Machene said...

Charlie Chase is a funniest joker

Anonymous said...

I think you have the wrong video clip shown. Phil Hartman does not appear in the clip.